Ready to Die This Moment?

A drop merging back in the water

Disclaimer: The post ahead deals with death, and if that is something that triggers strong emotions, and you are not comfortable with that, then please don’t read ahead.

Imagine, we (both you and me) have just learnt tomorrow is the last day on this planet…

Musings on the path shown by Him

Background and Motivation

You met a friend, and you are discussing spirituality, and you now want to share with them about Om Swami ji. You know they have a short attention span (just like us), and you need to crisply share with them…

How to practice this virtue which is beyond Gratitude, and an antidote to jealousy

Mudita stands for joy, empathetic joy, rejoicing in the happiness of “others”. Om Swami ji often refers to Gratitude as the mother of happiness. Mudita, is an emotion, that is beyond gratitude. Think of people who are having good time, and good fortune and see and feel how great it…

Dream if you can do anything with life

Recently, while attending a session on Awareness, I saw this lovely and deep video from Alan Watts, titled — The dream of life.

Please watch and try the visualization and thought experiment as it is really powerful.

Here is the transcript
If you awaken from this illusion. And you…

How to live in this world and realize God? Selected Verses from Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

A devotee once asked Sri Ramakrishna : Sir, can’t we householders realize God without complete renunciation?

Sri Ramakrishna said:

Do your duty with one hand and with the other hold to God. After the duty is over, you will hold to God with both hands.

It is all a question…

And Its Relation with Prana/Vital force

To understand the significance of breathing, let me first share a story, which I read in Swami Vivekananda’s text on Raja Yoga, and heard at Paramhansa Yogananda’s YSS center.

There was once a minister to a great king. He fell into disgrace. The king…

Inspiring Story on Swami Vivekananda

To how many thousands of people Swami Vivekanand ji (referred as Swamiji in rest of article) gave apparently casual initiation, we have no way of knowing. His “maybe more than [three thousand]” puts no ceiling on the number.

And then, this kind of initiation was, one thinks, generally so lacking…

Remembering Her Sayings on 168th Birthday Tithi Puja

Today (Jan 5th, 2021) is the Birthday Tithi Puja of Sri Sarada Devi, who was the consort of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. You can read about her life story in this summary or here.

One special incidence in her life was when at the end of his sadhaka life — Ramakrishna Paramhansa…

Recently, I saw this video of young kids beautifully singing the Updesha Saram (Essence of teachings), which is the summary of Sri Ramana Maharishi’s teachings, and felt the urge to share here.

Just like the sweetness of the song, the teachings are deep and soulful. …

Today, I bid good bye to a company that I founded in 2016. Recently, I had sold this business to a group, who could grow this bigger, while I pursue different things starting 2021. …

Ravi Trivedi

Exploring Spirituality & India’s Social Sector. Was Founder PushEngage (Acquired), Product, Growth, Speaker, Author. Motto “They alone live who live for others”

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